CO2 Data:

All of the computer-recorded time series have been exported to MS Excel and collated into this file. Graphs of each time series can be located by following the hot links on the main page until you find pictures that contain numbered yellow flags. Clicking on the flags will bring up the CO2 data and other site description info. These site description files also contain links to the original *.mbl files that were generated by the LoggerPro software. Additionally, text versions of these LoggerPro files can be found in the \txt folder of this CD.

Due to equipment problems, time series were not recorded in Heart Lake, Sylvan Springs, and Rabbit Creek. In these areas, the maximum concentration, minimum concentration, and a subjective estimate of stability were recorded in each sampling location.



All of the photos in this report were taken at 2560 x 1920 (5 megapixel) resolution, but they were reduced to 800 x 600 pixels so that they would fit on a single CD and display properly in Internet Explorer. The original high resolution images are available on separate CDs. It is therefore possible to make prints that can be carried into the field.



All of the GPS coordinates were entered into Arcview and are compatible with the GIS layers that are available free of charge on the Yellowstone Spatial Analysis Center's web site. I can also provide most of these layers on CD, including all of the 7.5 minute topographical quadrangles, roads, trails, building locations, vegetation, soil type, etc.